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Rosemary Nursery School
Spaces still available for September 2024

Are you looking for a Nursery School for your child?

Rosemary Nursery School still have places available

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Our Leadership Team

Staff team

Rosemary Nursery

Admin and Premises - Louise Clarke, Maria Melo, John Jewell

Teachers - Kate Ticehurst, Constance Handley

Early Years Practitioners - Amal Abdi, Jaki Collard, Claudia Forbes, Dawn Gaylard, Khadija Hussein Mahmoud, Asma, Mohamed, Jane Monks, Sucaado Muuse, Carly Powell

The Limes Nursery

Admin and Premises - Balvinder Kaur, Louise Clarke, Migle Poderyte, Maria Melo

Teachers - Sophie Dean, Rebecca Wirz, Dayna John

Early Years Practitioners - Joanne Symes, Amy Soden, Tawanda Tongogara, Fatma Habelhames, Tracey Smith, Hani Abdulkadir, Habiba Zaman, Victoria Thomas, Sakuntla Kaur, Lara Williams, Afroz Daudi, Jasmine Stonehewer 

St Werburghs Park Nursery

Admin and Premises - Jacqui Macfarlane, Maria Melo, Louise Clarke, Jasmine Marsh, Rosie Duckett

Teachers - Naomi Barnaby, Nicola Brinkworth

Early Years Practitioners - Aga Mazur, Atthia Bibi, Houda Touaitia, Fiona Hann, Nyra McCourt, Zerish Kauser, Kashmeer Kaur, Lisa De Francesca


Term Dates and Closure Days 2024 to 2025 2024 to 2025 

  • Term 1:       2 September 2024 to 25 October 2024 •

  • Term 2:       4 November 2024 to 20 December 2024 •

  • Term 3:       6 January 2025 to 14 February 2025 •

  • Term 4:       24 February 2025 - 4 April 2025 •

  • Term 5:       22 April 2025 to 23 May 2025 •

  • Term 6:       2 June 2025 to 22 July 2025

Additional closure days:

Schools will be closed for the following public holidays:

 New Year’s Day  -  1 January 2025

    Good Friday – 18 April 2025

    Easter Monday – 21 April 2025

    May Day – 5 May 2025

    Spring Bank Holiday – 26 May 2025

In addition to these closure days, we will be closed on the following days for in service training (INSET) for our staff:

Inset days (Further Inset days will be confirmed at a later date):

         • Monday 2nd September 2024 – Inset Day

         • Tuesday 3rd September 2024 – Nursery School Closed

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