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We have a legal duty of care for the children at the Centre. Our employment practices protect children against the likelihood of abuse at the Centre and we have a procedure for managing complaints or allegations against a member of staff. All members of staff are checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) on a regular basis.

Our legal duty of care also means that if we are concerned that a child may be being harmed in any way, we have a legal responsibility to report this to Social Care. We will always work very closely with you over any referrals.

The school is aware of its responsibilities under the Prevent Statutory Duty through the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2023. The duty requires schools to consider the need to safeguard children from being drawn into terrorism. Our Prevent Lead is Rachel Barnwell.

                                                                          Our Designated Safeguarding Team


                                            Rachel Barnwell                                         
                                            Deputy Head Teacher
                                            Strategic Safeguarding Lead

                                            Central Bristol Nursery Schools 


                                          Sam Trace                                                                                          Jo Chambers                                                                    

                                          Assistant Head Teacher                                                                    Assistant Head Teacher

                                          Designated Safeguarding Lead                                                      Designated Safeguarding Lead 

                                          The Limes Nursery School                                                               The Limes Nursery School

                                         Kate Ticehurst

                                         Assistant Head Teacher

                                         Designated Safeguarding Lead

                                         Rosemary Nursery




                                         Lucy Freeman                                                                                                Rose Armistead                               

                                         Assistant Head Teacher                                                                                Assistant Head Teacher 

                                         Designated Safeguarding Lead                                                                  Designated Safeguarding Lead 

                                         St Werburghs Park Nursery                                                                         St Werburghs Park Nursery                                                                  



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